Thunderbirds Air Show Schedule 2023: Dates & Sites Revealed!

The Thunderbirds Air Show Schedule is available on the official United States Air Force Thunderbirds website. It lists dates, venues, and event details for the current year.

The United States Air Force Thunderbirds are renowned for their high-flying aerobatic displays and precision flying, stunning audiences across the nation and beyond. Captivating skywatchers since 1953, these ambassadors in blue showcase the skills and teamwork of America’s airmen at various locations throughout the year.

April 15Thunder Over LouisvilleLouisville, KY
April 22-24Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace ExpoLakeland, FL
May 7-8Fort Lauderdale Air ShowFort Lauderdale, FL
May 14-15Shaw Air and Space ExpoSumter, SC
May 21-22Miami Beach Air & Sea ShowMiami Beach, FL
June 4-5Great Tennessee Air ShowSmyrna, TN

The schedule provides an opportunity for fans to plan their attendance at one of the many exhilarating shows. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or looking for a family-friendly event, the Thunderbirds’ performance is an awe-inspiring spectacle that combines the thrill of flight with the pride of American military excellence. To experience the roar of the jets and the awe-inspiring maneuvers, keep an eye on the schedule and prepare for an unforgettable airborne experience.

Thunderbirds Air Show Schedule 2023: Dates & Sites Revealed!


Frequently Asked Questions For Thunderbirds Air Show Schedule

When Is The Next Thunderbirds Air Show?

The upcoming Thunderbirds air show is scheduled for this weekend. Shows usually take place on Saturday and Sunday and provide awe-inspiring displays of precision flying. For exact dates, check the official Thunderbirds website.

Where Can I Watch The Thunderbirds Perform Live?

To watch the Thunderbirds live, you can attend air shows at locations released on their official schedule. These events take place at various air bases and public spaces throughout the U. S. The schedule on their official site lists all upcoming venues.

What’s The Best Time To Arrive At A Thunderbirds Air Show?

Arriving early, ideally a few hours before the show starts, is recommended. This allows you to find good seating, avoid traffic, and enjoy any preliminary festivities. Check the event specifics for gate opening times and plan accordingly.

Can I Meet The Thunderbird Pilots At An Air Show?

Yes, there are often meet-and-greet opportunities with the Thunderbird pilots. These typically occur before or after the show. For exact times and locations of such events, consult the air show’s schedule or ask staff on-site.


Wrapping up, the Thunderbirds’ precision and skill continue to astound at each air show. Mark your calendars and keep an eye on updates for any schedule changes. Cherish the thrills with thousands of fans as these aerial artists paint the sky.

Don’t miss this breathtaking experience – it promises to be unforgettable.

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