Punta Gorda Air Show Schedule: Sky-High Thrills Await!

The Punta Gorda Air Show schedule typically features a lineup of aerobatic performers and historical aircraft. Attendees can expect a weekend of aerial displays and ground exhibits.

The skies over Punta Gorda, Florida, come alive with roaring engines and awe-inspiring aerobatics at the annual Punta Gorda Air Show. This event promises excitement for aviation enthusiasts and families alike, with gravity-defying stunts by skilled pilots and up-close views of modern and vintage aircraft.

March 15Arrival and SetupPunta Gorda, Florida
March 16Punta Gorda Air Show Day 1Punta Gorda, Florida
March 17Punta Gorda Air Show Day 2Punta Gorda, Florida
March 18DeparturePunta Gorda, Florida

Prepare for a visual feast as the air show showcases precision flying teams and solo performers. The tarmac offers a chance to explore planes and meet pilots. Keep your cameras ready for high-speed passes, tight turns, and breathtaking formations against the backdrop of Florida’s sunny skies. Join the community in celebrating aviation history, technology, and the sheer thrill of flight at this high-energy event.

Punta Gorda Air Show Schedule: Sky-High Thrills Await!

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Frequently Asked Questions On Punta Gorda Air Show Schedule

When Is The Punta Gorda Air Show?

The Punta Gorda Air Show typically takes place annually, but for the exact dates, you should check the official event website or local listings, as they may vary each year.

Which Performers Attend The Punta Gorda Air Show?

The performer lineup can change annually but often includes military jet teams, aerobatic pilots, and classic warbirds. Visiting the air show’s official website is recommended for a current list of performers.

Can Children Attend The Punta Gorda Air Show?

Yes, children are welcome at the Punta Gorda Air Show. It is a family-friendly event with various activities and displays tailored for all ages. However, children should be supervised at all times.

What Items Are Prohibited At The Punta Gorda Air Show?

Prohibited items typically include weapons, drones, large coolers, and pets, with exceptions for service animals. For the most updated list of prohibited items, consult the air show’s guidelines prior to attending.


Mark your calendars and clear your schedules for the aerial spectacle of Punta Gorda’s Air Show! Let excitement take flight as you plan your visit to catch every thrilling maneuver and awe-inspiring display. Remember, the sky’s the limit for fun and adventure at this high-flying event.

Don’t miss out – join the action and watch the skies come alive!

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