Grand Junction Air Show Schedule: Sky-High Thrills Await!

The Grand Junction Air Show schedule is typically announced a few months in advance of the event. For the latest updates, attendees should check the official website or contact the organizers directly.

Aviation enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the Grand Junction Air Show, a sky-high spectacle of aerobatics and piloting prowess every year. The event showcases a stunning array of military and civilian aircraft, thrilling audiences with daring maneuvers and precision flying. It’s a family-friendly affair that honors aviation tradition and advancements while featuring ground displays, interactive exhibits, and educational opportunities.

July 20Grand Junction Air Show Day 1Grand Junction, CO
July 21Grand Junction Air Show Day 2Grand Junction, CO
July 22Grand Junction Air Show Day 3Grand Junction, CO
July 23Grand Junction Air Show Day 4Grand Junction, CO
July 24Grand Junction Air Show Day 5Grand Junction, CO

Interested parties are encouraged to mark their calendars and monitor the event’s official platform for the release of dates, performers, and ticket information. With an early look at the schedule, fans can secure the best viewing spots and ensure they don’t miss a moment of the high-flying action.

Grand Junction Air Show Schedule: Sky-High Thrills Await!


Grand Junction Air Show Schedule: Sky-High Thrills Await!


Frequently Asked Questions On Grand Junction Air Show Schedule

When Is The Grand Junction Air Show?

The Grand Junction Air Show is typically held in the summer months. For exact dates, check the event’s official website or local listings.

Can I Purchase Grand Junction Air Show Tickets Online?

Yes, Grand Junction Air Show tickets can usually be bought online. Visit the air show’s official website or authorized ticketing platforms to make a purchase.

What Aircraft Will Perform At The Grand Junction Air Show?

The lineup often includes military jets, aerobatic performers, and vintage aircraft. For this year’s list, refer to the air show’s schedule on their official website.

Are There Vip Packages For The Grand Junction Air Show?

Indeed, VIP packages are generally available, offering premium seating and amenities. Visit the air show’s website for details on VIP package features and pricing.


As the Grand Junction Air Show approaches, excitement builds for aviation enthusiasts. Mark your calendars to witness this spectacular display of aerial prowess. Don’t miss the chance to create unforgettable memories under the Colorado skies. Secure your spot and watch the skies come alive with us!

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