Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pet with me?

Pets are allowed to fly on our aircraft as long as they are in a proper kennel, and the kennel is within our size parameters. Please call for more information.

Can I charter a private aircraft?

If you wish to charter an aircraft, our charter department will be able to help you. Please call for more information.

Do I need to show photo identification at check-in?

We do require photo identification upon check-in. Please have this prepared before checking in for your flight. Passengers without photo ID would not be allowed to board the aircraft.

Do you send freight / cargo / letters between your destinations, and if you do, what is the cost?

Check out our freight department – Click Here

Do you organise transport?

On request, Harbour Air Seaplanes can organize transport at an extra charge.

How long is the flight between Valletta and Mgarr?

The flight time is 10 minutes. (not including taxying) For schedules – Click Here

How long is the scenic flight?

The flight time is 30 minutes (not including taxying) For schedules – Click Here.

How many seats are available on your aircraft?

Our aircraft can accommodate 14 people without luggage. Alternatively 9 people + luggage. All of the specifications are posted.

How soon before my flight should I check in?

In order to operate on time and efficiently, we require passengers to check in 30 minutes before flight time.

Is their parking available at your bases?

Parking is available at Valletta Waterfront. Mgarr Harbour has roadside free parking.

How can I get to Valletta?

Upper Valletta is just up the hill from our base. The walking time is 15 minutes. Lower Valletta is just 5 minutes away. VISET (the operators of the waterfront) are soon introducing a shuttle train to the centre of Valletta.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate only in daylight hours. Click Here for our schedules.
Our Passenger Terminal in Valletta and Mgarr are open everyday.

What is the cost to fly from Valletta – Mgarr – Valletta and Scenic flights?

All of our rates are online – Click Here

What is the luggage allowance per passenger?

The allowable luggage per person is 10 kilos. All luggage will be weighed and charged at 2.00 Euro per extra kilo (above the 10Kgs allowance)

What type of aircraft do you operate?

We operate a De Havilland DHC-3 Single Otter. All of the specifications are posted – Click Here.

When I get to my destination, what is the best way to get a rental car?

Please contact our Customer Service Agent at the terminals for more information.

Where are you located in Malta and Gozo?

Our location maps are located online – Click Here.

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