Dayton Air Show Schedule: A Sky-High 2023 Lineup!

The Dayton Air Show schedule can be found on the event’s official website, specifying dates, times, and performing acts. Ensure to check for updates, as schedules may change leading up to the event.

Experience the thrill of aviation with the annual Dayton Air Show, a premier event that showcases the ingenuity and prowess of both military and civilian pilots. This family-friendly exhibition offers a feast for the senses with daring aerobatics, historic aircraft on display, and interactive exhibits.

June 22Dayton Air Show Day 1Dayton, OH
June 23Dayton Air Show Day 2Dayton, OH

Fans of flight and history enthusiasts alike will witness spectacular feats as some of the nation’s top aviators perform. As you prepare to attend, review the schedule online for the latest performance information and any potential adjustments. Pack your sunscreen, bring your chairs, and prepare for a memorable aerial excellence display at the much-anticipated Dayton Air Show.

Dayton Air Show Schedule: A Sky-High 2023 Lineup!


Frequently Asked Questions On Dayton Air Show Schedule

When Is The Dayton Air Show Scheduled For 2023?

The Dayton Air Show is slated for the weekend of July 22-23, 2023. It promises an exciting lineup of aerial displays for attendees.

What Performers Will Be Featured At The Dayton Air Show?

Headlining the 2023 Dayton Air Show are the US Navy Blue Angels, along with a roster of world-class aerobatic flyers and military demonstrations.

How To Get Tickets For The Dayton Air Show?

Tickets for the Dayton Air Show can be purchased online through the official website or at select local retailers. Various ticket options are available.

Can I Attend The Dayton Air Show For Free?

There’s no free admission to the Dayton Air Show. However, there are sometimes discount offers for children, military personnel, and early-bird ticket purchases.


As the Dayton Air Show approaches, excitement builds for aviation enthusiasts and families alike. Mark your calendars for this spectacular event and prepare for a weekend of awe-inspiring aerial displays. Don’t forget to reserve your spot early, ensuring the best views of these sky-high performances.

Clear skies ahead!

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