Batavia Air Show Schedule: Soar with Dates & Acts!

The Batavia Air Show is scheduled for August 9th and 10th. Event times are from 10 AM to 5 PM on both days.

Get ready to experience the thrill of aviation as the Batavia Air Show takes to the skies this summer. This annual aerial showcase features breathtaking displays from skilled pilots, state-of-the-art aircraft, and historic warbirds. The show promises a day filled with high-speed flybys, precise acrobatic maneuvers, and ground exhibits that provide educational insights into the world of aviation.

August 6Batavia Air Show Day 1Batavia, IL
August 7Batavia Air Show Day 2Batavia, IL

Visitors of all ages can look forward to a range of exciting activities, including meet-and-greet sessions with pilots, interactive exhibits, and the chance to explore aircraft up close. The Batavia Air Show is an exceptional event for enthusiasts and families alike, promising to fuel the imagination and inspire future generations of airmen and airwomen. Make sure to mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable aviation adventure!

Batavia Air Show Schedule 2023: Soar with Dates & Acts!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Batavia Air Show Schedule

When Is The Batavia Air Show Scheduled?

The Batavia Air Show is scheduled for the upcoming weekend. Gates open at 9 AM, and performances start at 11 AM each day.

What Aircraft Will Be Featured At The Batavia Air Show?

Expect a thrilling lineup, including vintage warbirds, modern jets, and aerobatic teams. Specific models will be announced on the official website.

How Much Are Tickets For The Batavia Air Show?

Tickets range from $20 for general admission to $75 for VIP access. Discounted rates are available for children and veterans. Purchase online for added convenience.

Can I Meet Pilots At The Batavia Air Show?

Yes, there are meet-and-greet sessions. Pilots are available to sign autographs and discuss aviation after their performances.


As the Batavia Air Show draws closer, the excitement is palpable. Mark your calendars, invite friends, and prepare for an aerial spectacle like no other. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or seeking a family-friendly event, this show promises unforgettable sights.

Keep an eye on updates, and we’ll see you against the backdrop of roaring engines and breathtaking stunts. Clear skies ahead!

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