Air Tahiti Nui Flight Schedule: Your Gateway to Paradise!

Air Tahiti Nui’s flight schedule is subject to variation and updates. Travelers should check the airline’s official website for the most current information.

Planning a trip to the enchanting islands of Tahiti? Air Tahiti Nui serves as a bridge between the South Pacific and the rest of the world, offering routes connecting Papeete to destinations like Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Auckland.

DateFlight NumberDeparture AirportDeparture TimeArrival AirportArrival Time
Jan 1, 2024TN101Papeete (PPT)08:00 AMLos Angeles (LAX)12:30 PM
Jan 1, 2024TN102Los Angeles (LAX)02:00 PMPapeete (PPT)06:30 PM
Jan 2, 2024TN103Papeete (PPT)09:00 AMAuckland (AKL)01:30 PM
Jan 2, 2024TN104Auckland (AKL)03:00 PMPapeete (PPT)07:30 PM
Jan 3, 2024TN105Papeete (PPT)08:30 AMTokyo (HND)03:00 PM
Jan 3, 2024TN106Tokyo (HND)05:00 PMPapeete (PPT)11:30 PM

Recognizing the importance of reliable flight information, the airline ensures that travelers can access its most up-to-date flight schedules online, accommodating both the casual vacationer and the meticulous planner. With a user-friendly interface, the website provides details on departure and arrival times, flight numbers, and any potential changes in service. Always remember to verify your flight details shortly before your departure to ensure a seamless travel experience with Air Tahiti Nui.

Air Tahiti Nui Flight Schedule: Your Gateway to Paradise!


Frequently Asked Questions For Air Tahiti Nui Flight Schedule

When Does Air Tahiti Nui Release Flight Schedules?

Air Tahiti Nui typically updates and releases their flight schedules several months in advance. This allows travelers to plan and book their trips with confidence. Check their official website or contact customer service for the most current information.

Are Air Tahiti Nui Flights Scheduled Daily?

Air Tahiti Nui schedules flights on most days, with frequency depending on the route and season. Some destinations may have daily services, while others might operate several times a week. It’s best to consult the current schedule for specific route details.

How To Find Air Tahiti Nui Flight Times?

To find Air Tahiti Nui flight times, visit their official website and use the search function. Alternatively, you can contact their customer service or check with online travel agencies. Flight times are subject to change, so verify close to your travel date.

Can I Get Alerts For Air Tahiti Nui Schedule Changes?

Air Tahiti Nui can send schedule change alerts if you’ve booked a flight with them. Provide your contact details when booking to receive updates. Additionally, you can monitor your flight status through their website or mobile app.


Wrapping up, navigating the Air Tahiti Nui flight schedule is now simpler than ever. Whether you’re planning your dream vacation or a swift business trip, their streamlined timetable is designed to suit your travel needs. Bookmark their schedule and let the spirit of French Polynesia guide your next journey.

Safe travels!

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